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Learn various set-ups that will help your client fast track

their ability to manifest their deepest dreams & desires.


Expansion Brainspotting

Whether you have a client that needs to heal deep

trauma or one that wants to reach goals faster,

Expansion Brainspotting is a great tool.

With Expansion Brainspotting, you can reach those clients who say "I don't want to Brainspot today" and get deep, subcortical results. This type of Brainspotting will help you achieve better outcomes for your clients with less difficulty.


Help clients "bear the unbearable" as you discover Brainspotting techniques for your most fragile clients. You'll also discover how to help your clients lose weight, achieve deeply desired states of being, and reach their performance goals by using Expansion Brainspotting. You'll have the opportunity to reach more clients.


Use your client's spirituality along with Expansion to heal their worst and most complex traumas. Learn how to engage in "Truth & Lie" Doublespotting to deprogram the dysfunctional lies that breed shame and self-loathing while strengthening the deepest truth - that they are, and always have been, valuable and worth loving.


No matter which set up you use from this course, you'll be equipped with techniques that help expand Brainspotting possibilities for all.

Expand and Unleash Your Client's Infinite Potential, Passion, and Performance

Expansion Brainspotting is the tool you need to take your clients further, whether in healing or achieving goals.

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“Lisa Larson's Expansion Brainspotting Training is

all about possibility, both for you and your clients.

Lisa magnificently teaches how her Expansion Brainspotting Model uniquely, powerfully, and

effectively can be applied to clients across the

clinical spectrum. Don't miss it!”

- David Grand, PhD

Founder & Developer of Brainspotting

“Excellent training! This was so much more than I thought it would be. I knew Expansion was powerful from my own sessions, but the potential with Expansion was so worth the price to learn it!"

- Expansion Participant

12 hrs

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Meet  the  Trainer

  • Lisa is the founder and owner of Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center.

  • She has been in the counseling field for over twenty years.

  • Her passion is healing the traumatized and mentoring other therapists to be outstanding trauma clinicians.

  • Her specialties are trauma and PTSD in her work with individuals, couples and families. 

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