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Introducing the

Lisa Larson Intake Method

You'll start your Brainspotting relationship with clients off on the right foot, revolutionizing your sessions with clients to be more productive as you track their progress more efficiently.

The intake process is vital to assess the needs and goals of the client to assure the therapeutic goals are met when it is time for the client to graduate from therapy.


The intake process is the foundation upon which the entire structure of the therapeutic relationship is built. If the intake assessment is not comprehensive, measurable, and referred to frequently throughout the process, client outcomes suffer and therapists become lost as to what has been accomplished and what has not.


This course teaches step by step techniques to assure you have a very comprehensive treatment plan for each of your clients that is easily measured throughout the process. This gives clinicians confidence and peace of mind that, together, you and your clients, are steering closer and closer to the desired goals every single week.


With measurable goals you and your client will never be lost in the process. Clients appreciate knowing you will be a warrior in helping them meet all of their deepest desires and goals.

Building a Roadmap to Achieve the Highest Therapeutic Outcomes Possible for your Clients

Brainspotting Training Gives You a Tool to Help Your Clients Get Amazing Results - Why Not Take That Tool Further With a Revolutionary Intake Process?

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  • Benefit 1

    Identify the five most important items you need to complete a comprehensive treatment plan

  • Benefit 3

    Collect multiple, easy to use hand-outs to simplify using it

  • Benefit 2

    Have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply the entire Intake Process during the live class

  • Benefit 4

    Appraise the level of disturbance for each item the client is struggling with

“I immediately applied this intake to an existing client with a ton of trauma. The result was a very deep session just based on the assessment process, a real clarity of goals, a real clarity of issues. I am very clear on our therapy process moving forward based on her needs and what she wants.” - Class Evaluation

“Lisa is so real and approachable and I really appreciate her candor and willingness to share personal experiences and practical knowledge. She is fantastic!”

- Class Evaluation

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Meet The Trainer

  • Lisa is the founder and owner of Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center.

  • She has been in the counseling field for over twenty years.

  • Her passion is healing the traumatized and mentoring other therapists to be outstanding trauma clinicians.

  • Her specialties are trauma and PTSD in her work with individuals, couples and families. 

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